Somaliland: Aviation Authority is tightening security at airport
April 28, 2016 - Written by M Dhimbiil Aden

2-71HARGEISA (WADAAMAGONEWS) —Civil Aviation and Transport Ministry in conjunction with Egal Airport authority have issued new measures aimed to beef up the security of the airport.

The civil aviation ministry has stated that any government officials including the president and other leaders of Somaliland’s political parties will not be received at Egal airport.

The aviation authority said that they do so in compliance with the enhancement of the security of the airport.

Crowds of people gather outside the airport and some sneak inside the airport at times once the country’s officials are seen off or are received after returning to the country.

The ministry has sent a formal letter to the government and the political parties informing about the measures put in place for strengthening the airport security.

The new regulations will take effect starting from today. The measures are intended to tighten and enhance Somaliland’s airport security in a bid to prevent terrorism attacks.

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